Life Is Boring When Sober: 5 Quick Ways To Snuff It Out

When you are sober, your body is working hard to heal itself from the negative consequences of addiction. Pick something work on, like arm strength or abs. Have fun tracking your progress and hitting your fitness goals. Being sober does not mean you are “boring.” What you will discover is that sobriety isn’t so much boring, but there is a lot of time extra time that needs to be filled. Sobriety is not boring, here are a few things you can do to fill in all your new-found free time.

How to Cultivate a Sober (or Sober-Curious) Lifestyle

While you do not want to be the individual who avoids these special events, you must be realistic in the fact that there is a good chance there will be alcohol at the reception. According to the website, an astounding 85% serve some form of beer and 70% serve some form of wine. There is an old saying in recovery that if a person walks into a barbershop enough then they will eventually get their hair cut. The same rings true for the addict and walking into a bar.

sober and bored

If I was sad, I drank alcohol to feel better. If I was hanging out with friends, we were getting drunk. Acute anxiety and depression from the withdrawal process can ease within a few days to a week. But for many people, lingering feelings of anxiety, drinking out of boredom depression, and general malaise can last weeks, months, or even longer. When serotonin and dopamine levels are low, we become less motivated and less interested in our surroundings. This can lead to feelings of extreme boredom and apathy.

Sobriety and Weight Loss – Can Sobriety Help You Lose Weight?

Boredom can bring unwanted feelings of restlessness, irritation, and low self-esteem, and it’s important to learn and discover healthy ways to manage these feelings. The mental obsession that can accompany substance use also takes up a lot of space in the brain, so as the mental obsession fades the feelings of boredom may amplify. Switching to sobriety doesn’t have to mean giving up drinking or going out—it just means changing what you’re drinking while doing so. Whether you’re at a concert, out for a night on the town or at dinner with a group of friends, there are ways to feel included without partaking in booze. For instance, when Zarate quit drinking alcohol, he focused on making small shifts rather than just staying home in order to avoid social situations. In the early days, I felt that it was my responsibility to answer the question, “How come you aren’t drinking?

  • Take the time to explore your world and your likes and dislikes.
  • There are many reasons for this, from previous patterns of alcohol use to brain chemistry.
  • Getting outside and communing with nature is scientifically proven to reduce stress and improve mental health and cognitive function in both kids and adults.
  • People in recovery can experience a lot of shame simply for having become addicted in the first place.
  • I was traveling across the state for Thanksgiving vacation.
  • Cutting back on drinking alcohol can be a life-changing step for many people, but it can also be a difficult one.
  • Pursue outdoor activities like kayaking or fishing.

This guy is my friend and I’ve personally watched the miracle of sobriety transform him for the better, both spiritually and physically. My friends drink almost daily and are quite thin/fit. No longer is the topic of sobriety confined to discreet meetings in church halls over Styrofoam cups of lukewarm Maxwell House. One of the best ways to deal with this is to do your research. I was traveling across the state for Thanksgiving vacation.

Don’t deal with the boredom of sobriety alone, get help today

The real question is why is being able to “hold,” your liquor, even something worth being proud of? Today with social movements that support sobriety like, Dry January or Sober Curious are encouraging all kinds of people to realize sobriety is not boring. Battling addiction is a very serious challenge. So, the support of your social circle can be invaluable. Having said that, there are practical limits. For example, it would be slightly unfair to demand that everyone you ever meet overhaul their entire lives just to make you less likely to relapse.

It’s a great way to boost dopamine and endorphin levels naturally. What did you enjoy doing before drinking came around and took over your social life? If you must dig WAY back into childhood for this answer, then do that. Staying busy is a great way to stave off boredom and create space for healing the parts of your brain that took a walloping from drinking. It’s particularly therapeutic to find something to do with your hands.

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